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2 - Instructions

3 - Party Pack 1

4 - Party Pack 2

5 - Party Pack 3

6 - Party Pack 4

7 - Party Pack 5

8 - Party Pack 6

9 - Party Pack 7

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How to play and where to go!

1. You'll need an account on caracal to pop into the room.

2. Head to on your mobile device or on a new tab. Enter your in-game name and the game code from the screen. You'll do this for every new game

3. Sometimes you'll get disconnected or freeze. Don't fret! Try refreshing and joining again. If you can't, you can always join the audience.

4. Have fun!

Party Pack 1

You Don't Know Jack 2015

A smartass trivia game. 1-4 players.

Fibbage XL

A game about lying to your friends and finding the truth. 2-8 players.


Can you draw? I hope so. Name the drawings. 3-8 players.

Word Spud

Finish the word (or sentence). 2-8 players.

Lie Swatter

Truth or lies? 1-100 players.

Party Pack 2

Fibbage 2

Continue lying to your friends. 2-8 players.


Pair funny sounds together to describe a topic. 3-8 players.


Draw extravagant art (or don't) and bid on other extravagant art (or don't). 3-6 players.

Quiplash XL

Be clever and witty. Be funny. 3-8 players.

Bomb Corp

Don't cut the blue wire. Ignore the first instruction. 1-4 players.

Party Pack 3

Quiplash 2

Be funny: the sequel. 3-8 players.

Trivia Murder Party

Watch your friends get murdered because they got the question wrong. 1-8 players.


Guess statistics. 2-8 players.

Fakin' It

Find the weirdo and out them like the weirdo they are. 3-6 players.

Tee K.O.

Design a t-shirt and battle other t-shirt designs. 3-8 players.

Party Pack 4

Fibbage 3

Lie about you. Lie about life. 2-8 players.

Survive the Internet

Mock social media and your friends. 3-8 players.

Monster Seeking Monster

It's Mafia dating. 3-7 players.


March Madness brackets for anything. 3-16 players.

Civic Doodle

Collaborative mural drawings. 3-8 players.

Party Pack 5

You Don't Know Jack

Trivia better than the original. 1-8 players.

Split the Room

Controversy is your friend here. 3-8 players.

Mad Verse City

Rap battling robots. 3-8 players.

Patently Stupid

Invent a problem. Invent a solution. 3-8 players.

Zeeple Dome

We don't talk about this lag. 1-6 players.

Party Pack 6

Trivia Murder Party 2

Trivia and murder, now in a hotel. 1-8 players.

Role Models

Label your friends. Get called out. 3-6 players.

Joke Boat

Congratulations, you're now a comedian. 3-8 players.


Invent new words for the dictionary. 3-8 players.

Push the Button

Find the alien invaders in time or die. 4-10 players.

Autumn 2020

The Jackbox Party Pack Compendium